Sunday, February 05, 2006

Aaron's back!

Well, Aaron came home this last week and we took him up to a favorite spot to hike in the snow. It wasn't so special to him as he had been in Canada for over a month for a bit of a break. We're realising that street workers generally go a little nuts because there's not much budget or time for vacation and you're constantly dealing with folks in desperate situations. That can tend to get under your emotional skin after a while. That's why Aaron went away and that's why we're going for a hike every now and then...out of the valley and into some clean air. The day turned out to be fun. Jimmy's Car broke down in Sonora and we had it towed back to Modesto and we got to ride in the car up on top of the tow truck! That was fun...we laughed all the way back to the church.

A side note...Jimmy's front wheel siezed up and the car wouldn't come out of 4 wheel drive. The dealership told him that it was a very expensive repair. Jimmy tried to get the wheel to turn himself and it wouldn't budge...he also pulled as hard as he could on the 4 wheel drive shifter and it would not budge. He said a prayer for provision and in the next instant the wheel worked and the 4 wheel drive disengaged and thier car is fine. God is good! I'm glad we didn't think to pray in Sonora, we would have missed that sweet ride!

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Anonymous said...

Dude, you're in shorts hiking in snow. Brr.