Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm a goin'

Well, just stealing a couple of blogy minutes this morning before my big ole day. Later tonight, I fly to Thailland...farther away than I have ever been and longer away from Amie and the kids during our marriage. It’s gonna be hard but I am also excited to go and experience what God is doing in Thailand. It’s an epic flight! I guess some of you will have been to Asia before but I have not. I, like the team before me, change planes in Guam. Guam! Have you ever seen Guam?! It’s like a tiny dot on the globe out in the middle of Pacific ocean nowhere. How did people ever even get to Guam? Well, I’m goin’.

This has been a difficult process to get this team to Thailand. Three of our original members did not make it due to circumstances. We did not get the money that we’d hoped for but we did get just enough. We’re squeaking by but I got a good chunk to take with me today so that’s good. The tickets were a bear to secure. We had ‘em then we didn’t then we did and didn’t then at the last minute we got some and scraped one more in So I’m going.

Please pray for this last bit of the trip, that I can be an encouragement to the team leader...a good support on the final push. Pray that we all get home safely and for the teams continued health. Pray that we get done what God has purposed for us to accomplish and that we can build on that work in future fund raising, trips and projects.

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