Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Shiva is done for

The Shiva Motel is all but shut down here in Modesto. The place got condemned by the county who looked the other way at this filthy, run down place for way too long. The oppressive management has charged people ridiculous rents to live in squalor, taking advantage of the fact that many are willing to pay high rents for shelter if they don’t have to pay first and last and a deposit.

Most of our friends there have found new places to live...better places...not much better but better. We went and visited one friend in his new digs yesterday. It’s a small studio apartment complex on 9th Street. Others have moved to the airport district and still others to different motels.

Please pray for the displaced, dysfunctional community that lived at the Shiva. A horrible season has ended for them. We are privileged that we were able to meet these folks and be a part of their lives. Their tenacity humbles me. We are still in touch with some of them in their new locations. Pray the kids do well in new schools and new places and that we can manage keeping in touch and stay faithful to friendship in a new way.

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