Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I'll probably write more about Mexico later as I process it more. It was a great trip. It was so many things coming together...my church and YWAM team (John and I) serving with another church's youth ministry...us as a group serving the YWAM team in Ensenada...we as a staff serving the high school students...the high school students learning and growing together...the YWAM team there ministering to us (one of the guys on our team became a Christian on this trip)...the donors that helped us raise the money to go...the little mexican church that embraced us and prayed for us...all working together to build a house for a single mom, abandoned and robbed by her husband. Her and her four kids were living in a dirt floor shack with nothing.

We were able to raise enough to build the house, furnish it, stock the pantry and buy her oldest son a few months supply of epilepsy medicine. And while we built the house and played with her four kids, our translator on her spring break from Biola university spent the week with the mom explaining the gospel to her. On the last day, just before the key ceremony, with a local pastor and his wife there, this beautiful mom and her sister tearfully gave their lives to Christ.

And it's not some big thing...like we did anything great. It was God doing the great thing. He cares about us. He cares about the YWAMers in Ensenada. He cares about high school students. He cares about my little church. He cares about big churches. He cares about Mexican churches. He cares about abandoned, single moms and their kids. So he will scheme and orchestrate to bring a bunch of weird groups together. It's His kingdom come, his will being done on earth as it is in heaven. It's what we pray for but one can only stand in awe when you get a glimpse of it because there's no way you could have pulled it off.


Beth said...

Sounds like a sweet action time. Don't ya love working with "the kids"? I had such a great time leading the group to New Orleans and I just had my weekly small group. I think I'm really into it--they're keeping me young. :P

Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I feel a little nervous being so near the top! Like I have to step it up a knotch. I was wondering if you could actually link it to boredatthebeach.blogspot.com and not MySpace? I am already getting tired of the MySpace spyware--its effect on my computer is scaring me! I may phase out.... :S

Bringer of Smiles said...

u should totally phase out, beth! (that's right, chris. i'm using ur post to post a reply to a comment to ur post. post up, biotch!)