Monday, July 23, 2007

Hotty McMelterton

It's really HOT in Winnipeg. Humidity hot. Steamy hot. It doesn't let up at night hot. Lay a cold, wet rag on your belly while you sleep hot. I told you too much didn't I?

But being here is great. After a long absence, I'm teaching at a YWAM Mission Adventures program. It's good stuff. There is a team here from my former hometown of Kitchener, Ontario (from Kitchener Gospel Temple) and another team from Saskatchewan. They're cool and receptive and seems like, ready to learn.

The theme this year is "Lazarus, wake up dead man!" We talked tonight about the fears that hold us back from being who we were made to be. The things that cause us to put up false selves because we're afraid of...whatever...the death of our selves, our cool, our friendships, the way people view us, etc.

Pray for us this week, that God would minister to this group and the thousands of teens all over the world going through Mission Adventure programs. That Jesus would help us to tear away the grave clothes that bind us from moving freely as he intended us.

After this few days of training, the kids will hit the streets here and bless this city with the love of God. This is a model for our spend time with God in the secret place, to let him pull the world's junk off of us, set us free and send us into a dying world that needs him. It's what I want to do for the rest of my life.

And did I mention it's really hot here? Cause it is. Hot. Expletive hot. hot.


Your Friend Aaron said...

We just had a great barbecue. Better than any we've had with you here. Sorry you missed it. Unlikely it'll be that good again. So many souls won. So many.

Your Friend Aaron said...

Gosh I miss your hair. Look at that.

Starla said...

Well get a fan!!! I mean... if your hot and all!!! Hey Mr. Whitler? How are my favorite YWAMmers in the whole world? I miss y'all tons and tons! I am getting married and would love to hear from you before my life changes forever... and ever... and ever. Home address is the same for the next 3 months. Love y'all, Starla

Beth said...

Hey, is Debbie there? The KGT youth pastor? Small world if so. You can say hi to her from me.
You comin to K-Town next?

Geez, you live in California and you can't handle Canadian heat?! :P

Bringer of Smiles said...
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Bringer of Smiles said...

thought you and the lame-o's who read your blog might be interested to read that.

peace out side

Bringer of Smiles said...

i dont know why the rest of that link wont show but it ends with -action.html