Saturday, February 16, 2008

OK, real quick...

We've been quite busy hosting and teaching the Discipleship Training School from Youth With A Mission, Pismo Beach. We have had a great week with them though and they ran into our outreach times together. This team was a breath of fresh air.

We taught on justice issues, but more about how justice starts with and ends with real community between us, God and the world around us...both with people and the earth itself. We shared together in the mornings and got to actually apply those things in community outreach in the afternoons. Sweet.

OK, all you need is 20 minutes. This is a great little video shown to me by my friend's a very simple explanation of the interconnectedness of the justice issues facing us in our time. Some thought provoking ideas. Let me know what you think.

The Story of Stuff

Another team from Canada arrived I go!

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philter said...

i'm so glad you taught on justice stuff, I love it. I can't find the video though, am I just an idiot? Don't answer that, just point me to the video.