Monday, December 22, 2008

A coming wave

I was dancing with my 3 year old girl, Stella in our living room. She had pure joy on her face as we danced, marched and twirled around.

A concept in Orthodox theology is that the trinity is in this state continually. They dance and invite us to the dance. This is life, stepping in time with the Trinity.

I took Stella's hands and we started to spin. Her smile widened and as I lifted her from the ground to swing her free, there was a tiny flash of panic and then sheer laughter...complete happiness.

That must be what death is like. We're learning how to dance in step with a loving Father and family. Suddenly abandon, trust, a flash of panic then laughter and light. We're all one step closer. Let's dance.


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Beth said...

Beautiful. And beautiful song by the boys! :)
Happy Christmas.