Friday, January 15, 2010

Little things, big difference

It was cold in Modesto today. OK, you east coasters, it never gets cold cold but it still gets cold. Cold for being outside most of the day. And it's wet cold. The fog and wind today made it a "in your bones" cold. This week, Kelly (a home school mom at Sam's baseball class) brought by our house three grocery bags filled with small things that made a big difference today. She got the idea after hearing from Amie what it is we do on 9th Street. So, at our cafe this morning, as well as our usual hot drinks, bread and pastries we gave out these little bundles...

All this, wrapped up in a hat and scarf. People were so happy to receive these thoughtful gifts. Many put the hat, scarf and gloves on right away. These took some time to put together and we are so grateful. A little creativity, intentionality and generosity made today a little better for some of our friends.

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Everything is better this way.
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