Saturday, November 20, 2010

November's song of the month - Burning Bushes (Live)

Well, here you go folks, it's November's song of the month. This is a new song I shared at my 40th birthday concert on November 4th at my church. This was a surprise party...I learned about it as it was announced at church 4 days before the event. It was great fun and one of the best birthday presents I have ever received.

I was thinking to post the whole concert but it's 45 minutes long and that would considerably affect the quality of audio I could post. If you want the whole thing, let me know and maybe I can get you one in the mail.

You can listen right here by clicking the player or if you're reading on facebook and/or want to download, subscribe to future posts or whatever, go to our podcast site -

No explanation needed here...I tell the song's story right there in the track. Enjoy!

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Sustar said...

Thank you for turning our heads from the feeling that we're all fugitives running from ourselves, and to the truth that love is alive and burning... and not being consumed.