Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"T'was Quite The Night" - A story by Josh Whitler

Sam walks up the stairs “good night” he yells, no one yells back.
He walks in to our room and sees Gary on his bed “oh ham it!” he says “MOM!!”

“What?” Mom yells back.

“Gary is on my bed” says Sam.

“Then move her.” says Mom.

“I can’t she’ll hurt me!” says Sam.

“Then deal with it” Mom answers back.

Sam’s looks at Gary, Gary looks back evily. “What do I do with you” says Sam. Gary lies back down. Sam lies on the other side of the bed. Gary starts to growl.

Sam finds himself on the floor with a cut on his face, Josh walks into the room and sees Sam on the floor and Gary on the bed. Josh walks over and throws Gary out the door.

Sam looks at him in amazement. “That’s all you had you to do.” says Josh.

The end

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