Friday, February 03, 2012

Songs from Kentucky

Hi ho, Chris here on the road with my good friend Jimmy. We've been in Ohio and Kentucky, hanging with friends and family. It's been a trip of meetings, prayer, discussion and lots of laughter. Some of that laughter was had last night at an impromptu recording session with my sister, Christianne and my nieces, Ally and Grace. So, as we run out the door to sit with a Burmese family and sample some traditional treats, here's our music from last night. Thanks to Jimmy, our producer extraordinaire. By the way, you can download and/or subscribe to all audio for this blog and HERE. Enjoy! This is "I dreamed a dream" nieces covering the song from Les Miserables...

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And this is my song "Pillar of Fire" sung by me and my sister, Christianne...

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