Friday, May 25, 2012

The Value of Improvisation

While not an official foundational value of YWAM, "Improvisation" should be on the list. At YWAM Modesto, for instance, we can't afford to rent a building for an outreach cafe, so we just make one up on the street.
And usually, our improvisations include that white van back there. It was miraculously provided for us a few years back and, while it's had it's moments on the side of the road... usually comes through in a pinch. I think of the rare repairs as "rental fees." But this week, the YWAM van really outdid itself. You see, Jimmy and I are both song writers. Jimmy is using part of this season to finish a recording project of his music and has encouraged/pushed me (Chris) to do the same. With a little creativity and some good software, you can do some pretty cool stuff. Our puzzle in this project has been where to find recording space as we really can't afford studio time. We've had an open invite from a congregation downtown to use their building and so we've been there a bit but we've really struggled to find a proper space to record the drums. We needed a smaller, enclosed space where we wouldn't disturb families, neighbors or church office workers. Enter YWAM Modesto's new drum studio!
What? Me? Pose?! Never!
We'll keep you posted. Some good music is coming soon to a CD or MP3 download near you courtesy of a little creativity, improvisation and a certain white van.

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