Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Another fun #youthgroup game

This is one our kids love. It's a story game that you could play easily with your family or a small group. Everyone has a piece of paper and something to write with. Everyone writes on the top the opening line to a story and then all papers get passed clockwise. The next person writes the next line to the story and folds the top line over so that only the most recent entry is visible to the next person. Keep going until you get back your original paper and then take turns reading around the circle. It's fun and kind of like a giant game of mad libs.

There once was a boy named Potato and he was bad He didn't start out bad but became bad when he found out his name was Potato He didn't like Potatoes or yams for that matter so he threw them at Jonathan And he cried. The End. P.S. Everyone laughed.

 Once upon a time, a bear named Henry lived in the woods One day, Henry was walking In the beautiful Bahamainian sun when suddenly She fell off a cliff. Haha! The end. But not really. She survived with only one broken neck, two sprained hands, 8 broken ribs and a fractured skull Soon, she recovered and became a doctor Who killed everybody (there's always that kid :)

 Ok, one more... Once upon a time, there was a platypus His name was Robert. His primary concern was making a million. But no one would hire him because he had hooks for hands. So he got angry and mean. And thought about mass destruction (same kid). So while he was thinking, he went and got nachos. Because nachos always solve everyone's problems. The end.

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