Thursday, July 12, 2012

I've always wanted to write liner notes...

When I was a kid, after getting a new tape, I loved opening that baby up, sitting and listening to it (on my Walgreens cheap knock off of a walkman) all the way through while looking through the liner notes.  The cassette cover would flap out again and again, containing the lyrics, more pictures, credits and sometimes (especially in CCM tapes) some explanations of where the songs came from and most popularly in Christian music, scripture references.  I once tricked my Mom into letting my buy a Stryper album (she wasn't hip to heavy metal yet and I already secretly had the bootleg) just so I could have those sweet liner notes.  But that's another story.

So what can you expect from my new collection of music?  I mean besides 11 new, original tunes from yours truly.  Well, mostly original.  I did co-write some of them with a few biblical prophets.

Here, my friends, are my liner notes I wrote about these songs available for immediate download just over there to your right or at  (and be sure to check out my good friend Jimmy's music available HERE).

Entrance Ramp Prayer - This song is life as I have experienced it in YWAM traveling with friends too numerous to name. And the adventure continues..

Thick Darkness - Exodus 20:21 “The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was.”

Burning Bushes - Composed on a walk through Modesto’s struggling, beautiful Airport Neighborhood.

Valley Song - Several true stories from the homeless, voiceless people I met when I first moved to Modesto

Circles Around Circles - Inspired by a science podcast about black holes and the nature of the universe. As it turns out, death and letting go has always been the path to new life.

Psalm 90 - Probably the oldest song in the pack and not just because I co-wrote it with Moses.

Hold On - From Revelation 2:25. Written for our dear friends in Canada when we left to start our work in California.

Disappearing Orchards - I hummed the first line of this song while actually driving through a disappearing orchard. It is ever my temptation to trade the good and real for quick satisfaction. The original title was ‘Help Me Remember’

Desert Father - Inspired by “The Way of the Heart” by Henri Nouwen, the writings of the Desert Fathers and the life of St. Anthony

Joy Peace Truth Life Christ - For friends, for me, for all of existence. I don’t know why we left out the “free” but we did.

Hosea 6 - A song for returning.  One I could sing every morning.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

From the 9th St. Cafe: How to make the new Iced Cadillac!

We set up a weekly street cafe on south 9th Street in Modesto.  The popular drink is the 'Cadillac', a mix of coffee and hot chocolate.  The year, we've perfected the iced version.  So here, in pictorial form is how to make the Iced Cadillac - a great way to make friends in hot weather!