Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Pearl of Great Price

What is the joy of the secret kingdom?
To find the field where the treasure is hidden
To give everything for the priceless pearl
To see through the door to an untold world
Eyes to see, ears to hear
Dancing stars, musical spheres
An unknown frequency hiding in static
To push through the membrane, a tear in the fabric
There's joy and light and song in dark places
From broken hearts and through lines on faces
We limp and we fall and we curse the clock
The very gifts, the keys that unlock
Surrender and grace and space and deep time
Harmonics of angels, infused paradigm
Enchanted with Presence and power and knowing
Through atoms and quarks and galaxies flowing
Above all and through all and in all pervasive
Unstoppable tide, incalculable graces
O taste and draw and fall into this Well
Kicked open and broken are the gates of hell
And infinite shores of delight awaiting
Inviting and joyful, surprising, creating
Universe undercover, a rose through a fence
The pathway is narrow that leads to immense
Fields full of treasure, oceans of pearls
Glory and wonder filling all worlds