Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Part of a great company

I am Adam
Barefoot on the fresh Spring ground
Nothing but possibility in front of me

I am Moses
After freedom comes
The hard work of walking into the unknown

I am Joshua
Without my mentor
Fearful but determined

I am David
A reluctant leader
Full of poetry and fight

I am Jeremiah
Mourning for possibilities lost
Not giving up

I am Nehimiah
Making space to rally around
Not afraid to pick up a hammer

I am Joseph
Quietly accepting
That I can make a home for God's coming kingdom

I am Peter
Can't keep my mouth shut
For good or for ill

I am less than I want
I am more than I admit
I have a friendship with God


itspoetry said...

did you write that?
i liked it.

Chris Whitler said...

yep, I was overwhelmed this morning listening to Andrew Peterson's song "So long Moses" in which he sings through the story of the whole Bible. It's so beautiful and made me feel the reality of being a part of that big sweeping move of God called history. So there...