Friday, July 22, 2005

Can't complain

Well, it’s back to the ole blogstone...

I’m not going to bore you with the crazy details of my work lately but suffice it to say, I haven’t had much computer time. Thank you for your patience and I appreciate the comments I have received from friends awaiting entries. Here we go...

We have moved. We now live in a church in our own apartments that we built! How cool is that?! We aren’t settled by any stretch but we are in and it is very satisfying.

I harvested about 100 tomatoes from our organic garden yesterday and gave them out with our normal load of bread at the parks. This was fun. We read in Psalms this week that God feeds the hungry and He lets me be a part of it!

Tuesday, we helped a church group throw a BBQ for an impoverished community in our town. They raised the funds and a dear brother from their church gave us a brand new propane grill to use from now on. It worked beautifully and we had an awesome time pouring grace out on 9th St.

We celebrated a meal with our formerly homeless friend, Dave. He has recently gotten a much needed surgery on his foot and things in a nasty custody case with his daughter are looking very positive. Anytime Dave gets good news, he does this little dance and sings “We’re going to Sizzler, we’re going to Sizzler!” so we took him to Sizzler.

Some missionary friends are back in town for a visit and had our family and friends over to their host home for supper.

My boys used their hard earned allowance to buy me a present today.

My life is dripping with grace.


Anonymous said...

"blogstone" Chris you're hilarious. I'm so glad you guys are semi-settled in, you'll have to give me a tour when I come to visit. Is it too late to claim the dungeon stairwell? Glad you're writing again I've missed it.

Shelly Walker said...

Love you Chris...glad you're back. =) Thanks for praying for Uganda.