Monday, March 20, 2006

My week

Just stealing a quick internet minute to blog. Here’s a play by play of my last week...

Monday - Amie and I packed the kids up and took off to see the new IKEA in Sacramento. We had a really fun day together. The boys love to try our every bed they have. They especially liked their new round beds with mosquito nets over them. Very exotic : ) Amie loves every inch of IKEA. Stella loves to be pulled around in a cart under shiny lights so she really had fun too. We’ve taken day trips to IKEA since we discovered them in Canada back in 1994. Even though IKEA is the symbol of mundane life in the movie “Fight Club”, we don’t care, we love it. Oh, and I had a great nap in their lounge.

Tuesday - Jimmy and Aaron and I meet Tuesday morning to plan out the week. So we did. Then we drove to up to the mountains to have a visit with Greg. On the way to Greg’s, I got really sick. Like, evil sick. I slid downhill all day. By the time we got home I had a horrid fever, chills, aches, all of it. I fell asleep around 8:30pm and woke up at 11 with my fever broken and I was out on the track at MJC by 5:30am the next day!

Wednesday - We worked on fundraising for our Thailand trip during the morning. I started my mailing list, Aaron did something on the computer and Jimmy started calling businesses. He secured us an interview on a pretty big christian radio station for 6:30am Friday morning. We delivered food in the afternoon and spoke at a Presbyterian youth group on Wednesday night. Part of the evenings festivities was “Capture the Cabbage” which is like Capture the Flag but with a cabbage cause of St. Patrick’s day. Jimmy and I were pitted against Aaron team-wise and my team won but Aaron says we didn’t on account of a technicality.

Thursday - When our friends, the Coffees, had an extended stay in San Francisco when their baby was born they began to develop friendships with the YWAMers there. Those relationships have been growing and were cemented when we went to help build a wall in their new building they obtained for their training programs. It was great fun to build a wall in a really old building as nothing is square anymore...the floor kinda smiles. I’m glad Jimmy know what he’s doing. Anyhoo, a big bunch of us went in on Thursday to celebrate the grand opening of this new facility. This place that was once a homosexual porn theater is now full of worship, prayer, bible study and missionary training! And our wall did not fall over.

Friday - I had a sickness rebound...and a phone interview at 6:30 am...3 minutes after I woke up. wow. A good afternoon though giving out food to our friends.

Saturday - I worked on Thailand letters (did you get one? cause I could get you one. We need all the help we can get!). We had a Thailand meeting. I was still sick. We ran concessions at a concert to raise money for Thailand. Thailand, Thailand Thailand. We’ll get there but I had to go to bed.

Sunday - Other YWAM friends from “Gleanings for the Hungry” in Sultana came to visit us. They came to New Hope Church and then we did a BBQ on South 9th street for all our homeless friends. It was a great day of outreach and getting to know one another. We prayed with families and played with kids.

Monday - Today. Spent time with the kids. Caught up on some e-mail. Saw “V for Vendetta”. Liked it but wished it was more. Chiropractor. Grocery shopping. Deal or No Deal (our new family favorite) and blogging. So there.

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Anonymous said...

dude! you're going to thailand? whereabouts?
i went to Chiang Mai in 2002.