Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's starting to rain

The Autumnal equinox was September 23rd but today is the real first day of Fall. The clouds have been gathering for a couple of days now and the sky finally cracked a bit this afternoon. Nights have been getting cooler and the wind is picking up.

Change is in the air too. My community is having a bit of a “heart equinox”. We moved this week to a house in Salida. We’ve been blessed with a new (er) car. Our season living at the church has come to an end. A good friend is dealing with the joy and sadness of his grandfather passing. Some truly wonderful people in my life are facing unjust accusation and the sting of petty, uncaring betrayal. This is a bittersweet time.

This is a time when I just want the people in my life to know I love them. Once in a while, the dumb stuff disappears from view and you sink down to the essentials. Good relationships, good, honest work and Jesus. Have you ever just been so hungry for him? I mean the real Jesus. Perhaps my advent season is starting a little early because my heart cries out for Emmanuel. How long, O Lord? Don’t let us miss the point.

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philter said...

Great post Chris. Thanks. We need to here that. It is good to be hungry for Him. Plus the sooner advent comes, the sooner Christmas comes and the sooner I get presents. Kidding. Thanks bro.