Monday, January 28, 2008

Saturday was the first wedding from our YWAM Modesto community. John and Rhiannon, along with family and friends put so much work into the day to make it special. The word special really falls short. Magical is better but still not quite there.

There is so much mundane preparation that goes into a wedding. The busyness can eat up your ability to see what's really going on. Here they are, just kids really. They barely knew each other for two years and most of that time was spent doing separate YWAM training. Not much money and no real natural reason they should have met. But they came together around compassion and community. They bumped into each other while walking toward Jesus.

So after everything is in place, the women have run around checking and double checking and the men have been careful to do what the women say. The crowd gathers, the ladies sparkle, the men are resolved, the music plays and transformation happens. No longer a kid with no money, but a king backed by the men of God at his side and coming into his own. No longer a girl, but a queen, untouched by time like some sort of immortal beauty from Tolkien's world. We cheer at the coronation. They turn to us and bless us. For a day, our lost nobility shines. They are gracious to share kind words with their guests and we toast their union and bask in their grace.

And whether we realize it or not, we cry because we are hungry for the ultimate wedding to come. The king will rise to take his own, the glorious bride without spot or wrinkle will shine in his light, resplendent in traditional dress, tribal markings and henna designs. He will say "I do" with a voice like rushing water and she will respond in a thousand different tongues. We will come together around ultimate compassion and participate in ultimate community. We will be truly known. We will truly rest. And together, we will make a home.

And then we dance.

Come, Lord Jesus.

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Well said.

The Menil is an art museum, check it out: