Monday, March 03, 2008

Movies and a miracle...


Was a lot of fun. If it's still playing around you I'd recommend it (if you like U2 that is). Bono gets a little rock star preachy but, hey, he's a rock star. What I love is that he knows that and sometimes a little tongue in cheek and other times a little nerdy, he goes for it. I know he's a little lefty for some of my friends and one recently told me that he thought God had gone out the window for U2. In 2006, Bono addressed the national prayer breakfast. For a good read or listen, Click here and decide for yourself. I dig it.


We rented this movie on a whim because we heard the oscar buzz. Amie and Aaron actually saw the performance on the oscars. I was way too tired. The movie is beautiful. The music is the star. A wonderful piece about lives intersecting for a little while. If some base language upsets you, pass it up but it really is a wonderful story. The website is here.

And wonder of wonders, I actually finished a BOOK!

If you are a sucker for good fantasy, good action and great characters, go get this book. After a long lull, I actually sat for the better part of a day and finished this thing. So far, there are 3 more in this series and look forward to them. The Napoleonic wars...with dragons as an air force. Well crafted and definitely the redemption of Eregon. Here's Naomi Novick's (the author) website.

Fun stuff to come!


Mary said...

Once---love love stories that are not typical and the sound track too. I cried loads-it was great.

Anonymous said...

yea, Hawaii is good and all, but there is no U23D to be found. I can't wait to see it bro.

Gilad & Dawna said...

I'll have to watch that movie, Once. I probably won't read the book anytime soon because, well..., there aren't any English books to be seen in Korea.

How was the recent Global leadership training team? What a great group of people, in my opinion! Dawna and I were sitting here in Korea and were just so jealous that all you guys got to hang out together. It's like knowing there's a huge party going on with all your friends, but you've got too much homework to do and can't go.

Damn homework!