Saturday, June 13, 2009

Highlights from Josh's shots of Modesto's Grafitti day...

With commentary by Josh and Sam...

Sam: "This car was cool"

Josh: "Sweeeeeeeeet"

Sam: "awesome"

Josh: "Grease, starring Sam Travolta"

Sam: "Just like my wooden car (Awana pinewood derby)"

Josh: "ahh, I'm hungry!"


Josh: "duna nanana duna nanana BAT SAM!"

Sam: (said in a french accent) "Here we have on our menu - Le Bat on Le Bat Mobile"

Josh: "Here comes Global Warming - dootindoodoo"

Josh: "It's looking at just keeps staring at me!"

Sam: "I've been arrested!"

Josh: "Don't mess with the law."

J & S: "Isn't it beautiful, Son"


Unknown said...

cool cars. great shots, josh!!

Your Friend Aaron said...

Thanks for coming, boys. We sure saw some old cars.