Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Unlikely ministers in unlikely places

We have been pleasantly surprised this past week finding little groups we didn't know about. While visiting some of the boys from our kids club we stumbled upon these church people doing a small, faithful thing in the park. They come to pray with folks, encourage them, share food and big promotion (or funding I'm sure), just Christ's community doing it's thing. And the sermon was great too...basically a small scripture reading and the pastor saying something like "so let's all remember that" and a closing prayer. Best sermon ever!

Then we happened upon "Beans and Rice and Jesus Christ" in the Airport district. It was just happy people serving and eating beans and rice...very simple, very cool.

And finally today we stopped to visit our friend James (who we've shared about before) and new friend Stan happened along with perfect words to share about recovery, staying encouraged and hopeful.

Nobody has the entire answer but we all have a part to play. Friendship and compassion win the day!

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Anonymous said...

I found you and then followed you on Twitter. I too, have been with YWAM although I am no longer with the mission.

Thanks for an entertianing read and may you be blessed with everything you ever need.

Rod Smith