Friday, December 25, 2009

White Castle Stuffing...Merry Christmas to me!

Well, it's true. We went and did it! We made the famous White Castle stuffing for Christmas dinner. Oh my gosh, it was sooooo good. I just riffed off a simple recipe online HERE but I will show you the beautiful process in pictures here.

First, you get yourself a big suitcase full of White Castle hamburgers (best if you say "no pickles"). If you haven't had a White Castle, they are awesome. You know the 'sliders' craze going around at other fast food joints? Well, these are the original and the only ones that really slide down. They have an unparalleled steamy consistency...steam grilled with little chopped onions.

OK, sorry, I lost myself for a minute there. OK, so, you got your box of, you know, eat a few and put the rest in the're making this stuffing tomorrow.

Alrighty, it's the next day and your Castles have been settling and really sealing themselves together so take 'em out and break 'em up into little pieces into your pan. Then add chopped celery (a couple'a stalks), about 2 teaspoons of sage, two teaspoons of thyme, two teaspoons of black pepper and 3/4 cup of chicken broth.

You can just stuff it in the turkey (Safety tip: make sure you stuff cold stuffing into a cold turkey to avoid the salmonella) or bake it along side the turkey (what we did) at 350 degrees for about an hour. Mmm!

If you like stuffing, you should like this because it tastes like great stuffing. If you like White Castles you're going to like this because it's all a good Castle should be...oniony, steamy and savory. If you like White Castles and you like're going to looooooooooove this. With the turkey gravy...oh my gosh!


philter said...

dude your awesome merry Christmas

Sustar said...

Wha? Eh? Pow! Bam!
I can only respond to this epic stuffing in comic book terms.

Anonymous said...

Since you turned me on to one of my all-time favorite dishes, Cincinatti Chili, I will take your word on the stuffing.
I wanna try it, but how can a lil' ol' Canadian like me Git R Done with no White Castle in the vicin?

Alissa Jael Attwood said...

I so wish we had White Castle so I could try this recipe! I will have to try it sometime when I visit the US!

Allison said...

It would work with Krystals, right? We ain't got no White Castle down here.

Chris Whitler said...

I'm sure this would work with Krystals Allison, we tried it here in California with In N Out Burger and it was fantastic :)