Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For new things to begin, old things have to end (kinda)

Today, we helped Jim and Kelly pack up a van and a Uhaul for storage and clean the house they are vacating. It's another step in the move to Thailand to work with good friends at Compasio. They don't have all the funds they need yet but it is coming in slowly but surely. We're getting surprise hits at the YWAM Modesto Paypal button (wanna surprise us? You can HERE! : ) and we are assured that God is going to provide all they need.

A couple of nights in Modesto and then they are off to pack up their storage, get some training and say goodbye to family down south while they finalize their plans.

It's a bittersweet time. We are sad they are going and happy to watch God do what he does so well. He sends, he ignites, he breaks our heart, he gives us a choice, he invites, he compels, he opens doors and creates connection and he loves when we love... when we love so much that we can't help ourselves but pour it out into the broken places of the world. He loves when we are so captured by his love that we drop it all and go and do the thing his love has compelled us to do.

For them, it's taken a lot of frustration, obstacles, communication and plain hard work to get here. And they are not 'here' yet but it's coming. What helps is to remember why. It's love, love so big we call him God, that makes it worth the effort. The Sustars have made me want to get ready to go. Only I'm going here for now. What is it that holds us back? Let's pack up the non-essentials, put hindrances away, keep what's important, say a prayer with our friends, support one another and take off into the good works that have been prepared for us to do.

"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do" Eph 2:10

This is a video of the "why" they are going. If you're reading on facebook, you can find the video HERE. And you can follow the Sustars at their blog HERE.

By the way, that great song is "The Reckoning" from the album Counting Stars by Andrew Peterson.

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Shelly Wason said...

beautifully said, Chris, thanks for reminding us of that truth