Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December's Song of the Month

"Sweet Treats At Christmastime"

I wrote this song in December of 2008. This inspiration hit me as our YWAM team was preparing to go down to 9th Street. The first line in the song is directly from a prayer Jimmy prayed before we took off. He said something like "God, help us experience you in sweet treats at Christmastime together on the street." I wrote most of this song on the way to 9th St. in the van and the rest of it down there.

This is a snap shot of our work on 9th Street. We have some treats and coffee, we have some chairs, we have us. We go, we sit, we listen. Some of the people have changed but it's still what we do. As I look back, I am humbled and dumbfounded at the miracles our simple, little cafe on the street has experienced. It has all happened, with God's help, through the beauty of friendship.

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Your Friend Aaron said...


Maybe that Aaron should stop smoking, though. It's a bad witness.

Anonymous said...

butter tarts and nanaimo bars, get on that man.

Phil Cunningham

Sustar said...

This is the life we chose...
Thank you Chris. Beautiful. I'm sick of crying every time every time I hear you sing.