Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Seek..His Kingdom and His Righteousness..."

 Matt 6

In Psalms, it says that our heart tells us to seek God's face.  Jesus instructs us to seek God's Kingdom and righteousness.  To search it out.  Life is a quest to find God and His work wherever it is hiding.

This tells me that the Kingdom of God is not obvious.  It is not necessarily with the loud ones on the street corners (proverbially speaking, of course).  It's quietly tucked away and it's up to us to look for it.

It's out there right now hiding in unseen sacrifice.  It's a mother who gives her children the only mattress on the floor.  It's the faithful in prayer closets pouring out their heart.  It's the gentle who take a friend's arm to go into the recovery meeting.  It's a wildflower by the road that is overlooked and dressed better than King Solomon himself.

It is for us to look for it, to seek it out and live in it's radiance.  And Jesus promises that God himself takes care of the rest of our lives.

Lead us, O God, to your Kingdom and the things you say are right - in lives and stories and homes and around tables and music and friendship and prayer and nature and laughter and sorrow and in a million other ways and things.

Help us see, help us hear, help us remember.

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