Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins, Dr. Who, the Little Mermaid and Big Foot!

This year, we discovered pumpkin templates...they were a bit more work than we're used to but we got some great pumpkins out of them.  This is Stella's "kitty bat".

Sam went for the free style design.  It looks like the mouth but no, my friend, that is a moustache.  The mouth is making an "o" underneath.

Back to the templates with Amie's "two spooks"

I free styled this design but it was inspired by a template of an alien.

And finally, Josh's "Hunger Games" logo...pretty sweet.

Happy Halloween from Dr. Who, The Little Mermaid and Big Foot!

Here's my song again about Amie's favorite holiday...enjoy!


Your Friend Aaron said...


Dr. Who, very classy. Perhaps he should just start dressing like that all the tim.

Big Foot. Wow. Only from the mind of Sam Whitler.

And of course, Ariel. Cute as ever.

Chris Whitler said...

Sea shells.

The Other Aron with One A said...

Okay, that song is truly weird! Love your music, but holy cornballs!

Chris Whitler said...

haha Aron - from the sublime to the ridiculous...the story of my life :)