Friday, October 12, 2012

Woman of the Ghetto CD release

If you're in Modesto, you've probably heard how Dellanora Green, a formerly homeless woman, was banned from singing in downtown Modesto a few months back (if not, you can read more about that HERE). Well, the community responded. Some folks started a petition, it was talked about in the press and around town and the Peer Recovery Art Project ( stepped up and help Dellanora produce a CD that can be sold in the gallery on J Street!

This past Wednesday was the release party at the gallery and it was a lot of fun.  Dellenora, the queen of the event, was so happy, surrounded by folks that love her and have been blessed by her powerful voice filling up our streets.  For her fans, she signed CDs that the gallery was selling as well as shirts bearing her likeness.

CDs are available now and feature Dellanora singing just as she does on the streets of the city.  All the songs are a cappella, powerful, vulnerable and raw, much like the woman herself.

Do yourself a favor and go down to check out the Peer Recovery Art Project Gallery in a beautiful studio on J Street downtown.  It's a wonderful addition to our city.  And pick up one of Dellanora's CDs.  They are $20 and the profits go right to Dellanora herself.

Amie, Chris and Dellanora :)

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