Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Je Veux Voir Mon Bébé Ce Soir

Today is Amie's birthday! So to celebrate, I thought I'd post up this new song I wrote for her...

 Every time I travel with my buddy Dave, I write a song about how much I miss my wife. Last month, I was traveling with him in Quebec, the mostly french speaking province in Canada so out came some french. I recorded this at the Jeunesse En Mission (YWAM) house in Dunham, Quebec at their new recording studio and had some helpful language coaching from the staff there.

 Enjoy and Happy Birthday, Amie!

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Beth said...

C'est mignon, ça! Bravo! Too bad those Québecois didn't explain the gender of bébé..."mon bébé" is a masculine baby (vs "ma bébé") :)