Thursday, May 10, 2007

In Kentucky...

I'm in Kentucky with my family visiting my sister, her family and my
Dad. This is a difficult trip. My father is suffering with a
dementing illness and this is the 3rd or 4th new phase we've entered since
this thing began to crop up. It is hard on everyone. It's hard on
Dad. Every once in a while he understands that things have changed for
him...he can't walk right or take care of himself in any of the ways that you
and I take for granted every day. Life is a tough chore. Every
movement, every sentence, every thing is work and it is frustrating.

We are having fun though. Josh and Sam are having a blast with
their's quite the household right now...8 kids, 4 adults and 1
dog. My sister owns my favorite dog in the world, BB. She is a
dachshund/beagle and all old and cuddly. We took the boys and Dad out to
Cracker Barrel and Spider-man 3 yesterday and had a great time together.

So there is joy here but for my sister and my cousins who are here for the
long haul, it's hard because dementia changes someone every day. So,
it's mourning a kind of death everyday. If you're the praying kind,
please pray for us that our visit will be refreshing. Pray for my family
here, that they can have more joy in this journey. Pray for my Dad, for
healing, grace and peace in this phase of his life.


Your Friend Aaron said...

Consider yourself prayed for.

God is at work in the world and in his people. I mean, just look at Harry Osborne and the work the Lord did in his life, or even Flint Marko.

God is good.

Bringer of Smiles said...

aaron, u cold hearted ass

Mary said...

Hey Chris-

I'm good at prayer-almost a professional. I'll add ya'll to my list

Beth said...

As we've shared before--I hear ya brotha. And I am praying.