Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Club Awesome!

We didn't mean to start a kids program...it just kinda happened. The kids were there at the motel every week and we knew we should hang out with them somehow. We started taking side walk chalk and games, then we bought a Bible story book, some snacks and it was all over from there. It's such a privilege to hang out with these guys through the weeks. Here's a couple of shots too great not to share...

Monique and a puppy.

Selena...I love the t-shirt : )

Junior helping make the hot dogs.


Anastasia, hot dog and actual dog.

Lisa has her own, special personality : )!

Jeremiah, trying to figure out how to catch fish.



These aren't all the kids but please pray for these, their families and all the kids from "Club Awesome"...he has a unique destiny for each one.


Beth said...

I have AP's book waiting for me at the store (I ordered it a bit after reading your blog). Am digging the new cd. Wish he'd come and play here! It's nice to see these pictures of the kids and how they are growing and stuff. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

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