Friday, February 27, 2009

Living in the Story - Lent #3, 2009

"And when He had taken the cup and given thanks, He said, 'Take this and share it among yourselves...'"

Before the proclamation of "this is my blood" it was just a cup...a cup of wine at a holiday meal. Before "communion", they just drank together, ate together.

That mystical connection between spirit and physical, the ritual of remembrance, the symbolic sacrament, the sacred started with a group of friends sitting around a table sharing a drink and a meal.

First we walk and learn together. Then we simply eat together. And it's a mystery how but at some point, our sharing life becomes more than is communion.

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Beth said...

You're on a blogging frenzy! It's nice to have something nice to read. Thanks.
Glad the team was a good one.