Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some reasons to celebrate!

June 12...our 17th wedding anniversary! Stella arranged a special ceremony in her room with Sam as organist and officiant, Josh as photographer and herself as flower girl.

June 13...Sam's Annual Beginning Of Summer Birthday Blowout Swim party Spectacular! Sam's actual birthday is on the 9th (he turned 10 this year!) but his party was last Sunday. This year's theme? Soda.

And we got to spend last week with a team from Heartland Christian Center in Wooster, Ohio. They came here to learn, grow and reach out on the streets here in Modesto. They did great and we ended it all with ice cream.

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Eva said...

The picture of your ceremony in Stella's room warms my heart. Clearly you enjoy your family ...this gives me hope.


I feel as though I should get to know you guys.