Thursday, October 28, 2010

Canalien Invasion or What We Did With The Canadians

October is our time to have our friends down from Stanley Park church in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada. Here's a few pics in no certain order...

We went to the taco trucks

We made some food

We served it to some kids

We played with some kids

We made some chili

We ate it with our friends on S 9th St.

We went to the taco BUS.

We saw some big trees.

We happened upon a dead whale.

Really...that's a dead blue whale...85 ft. long!

We went to church.

We had coffee with friends on 9th Street.

We went to a Bigfoot museum.

Yes, a big foot museum.

We went to Knights Ferry.

We made pancakes.

We even made very special pancakes.

We ate them with friends on South 9th Street.

A great week with good friends.

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Your Friend Aaron said...

Now that's a good week.