Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October Song of the Month

Well here she is and it's pretty self explanatory. I wrote this song after Stella spontaneously sang the hook line of the chorus while happily anticipating October.

Oddly enough, this month contains Amie's favorite holiday. She loves costumes, (of course) candy, and being out in the neighborhood. It reminds her of more innocent times. She dreams about pumpkin patches and fake spider webs all the way through September!

A small caveat...I know this can be a bit of a touchy subject and I'm not actually wanting to open up a discussion about that here. Might I suggest a great post from Jason Gray over at the Rabbit Room website (HERE) where plenty of great discussion is happening this week.

So, mostly for Amie but also for you....enjoy! (If you're reading on facebook and wanna listen or if you would like to download or subscribe to future audio, GLONK HERE)

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