Thursday, June 09, 2011

An Evening of Justice and Worship

This week, I've been in San Diego with friends here teaching for a YWAM Mission Adventure team. Last night was a special evening for prayer, thinking about justice and the heart of God and responding through singing and commitment. This was put on by Phil Cunningham and Chris Wilson who are a part of Steps of Justice, an initiative to inspire the church to begin to take steps toward those living in poverty with our hearts, our minds, our choices and actions.

This fall, the Cunninghams and the Wilsons are taking Justice and Worship on the road all up and down the west coast (and beyond) and I'm happy to announce they will be stopping in Modesto (more to come on that). This evening is interactive, challenging and very helpful to inspire the "next step".

If you'd like more info on the tour and how you can book a night at your church, you can check out their site at

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