Thursday, June 02, 2011

Whitler World Tour Stats

32 Days
Over 8000 miles
23 States
2 nations
5 Whitlers
167,give or take, McDoubles (Just Josh)
2 times in a mechanic shop
9 concerts
6 national parks/monuments
11 cities
3 Man vs. Food restaurant locations (The Big Texan - Amarillo, Mothers - New Orleans and Matt's Bar - Minneapolis)
1 sprained ankle
1 10 year reunion comedy extravaganza
1 fox, 1 bear, 1 road runner, 2 armadillos, 6 buffalo, 2 guinea pigs and a chipmunk...oh, and a little baby rabbit.
2 sworn in junior park rangers
4 souvenir t-shirts (Joshua Tree, Preservation Hall, Duke the Duquesne Incline car, and Matt's Bar)
1 massive, with roller coasters and stuff
Approx. 100 Timbits
1 1/2 bags of sunflower seeds

And friendship, the one thing we wanted this trip to be about more than anything else, was to be found everywhere in ways that cannot be measured. We were supported, prayed for, sought out, loved, served, listened to, taken in and blessed in so many ways. Our hearts are full and we are rich beyond compare. Thank you friends for helping us go and meeting us along the way.

P.S. -

Our car served us well on this trip, becoming our slightly smelly home away from home. We ate, slept, laughed, watched movies, prayed, wondered and wandered in it. Our little Indy hat, the symbol of our adventure, held on till the last day when it was lost to strong winds in the Nevada mountains. We were sad to see it go but feel it appropriate that it leave us in such a noble way. Blowing out there on the road somewhere is the spirit of adventure, and we, the Whitlers, will go looking for it again.

You can see our last batch of pictures (from Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah) on our facebook album HERE.

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Sustar said...

Adventure of a lifetime.