Saturday, May 11, 2013

"An act of kindness restores the soul"

We've been meeting with a small group on South 9th Street in Modesto for almost a year now.  We started out at Shiva's motel which burned down and we moved on to the 9th Street doughnut shop for the last little bit.  We have gone through the gospel of John and now are making our way through St. Paul's letter to the Romans.

The last few weeks, we have found the doughnut shop to be closed, so in true 9th Street Cafe style, we just pulled chairs out of the van and met right on the street.  Here lately we've been piling everyone in the van and taking them up to Wendy's for a frosty.

A few weeks ago we looked at Romans 10 and saw Paul's devotion to his people.  How he ached for his countrymen to come to know Jesus.  So much so that he admits he was willing to be left out in order to see them come in.  So the question was, there on the doorstep of the doughnut shop, how might you be able to bring good news to the people around you today?  And the sidewalk congregation gave some great answers...

  • Love
  • Show up
  • Don't try to do something great, do simple acts of kindness
  • Serve

"An act of kindness restores the soul" - Ron

Let's show up to love and serve today.

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I like these answers.