Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some pics from South 9th St.

Every Friday we spend the morning on South 9th Street in Modesto. Well, it's actually between Modesto and Ceres in a kind of no man's land. 9th Street used to be Hwy 99 and the little motels there used to actually host travelers. When the freeway was built, this stretch of street in our town became dilapidated with junk yards, little mechanic shops, industrial supply warehouses and the motels are still there, but they are now residential rooms for the addicted, prostitutes, handicapped, alone and stuck. It's a kind of catch all for those who fall through the cracks.

We go down, set up and hang out. People come by for something to eat, a hot drink, company, prayer, whatever. There are others there other days of the week. It has become one of my favorite times of the week. Here's some pictures from a couple of Fridays...

This past week, it rained the whole time. We set up a little covering and huddled under there all morning. It was cold but folks still came out for a great bowl of beans (Arlie's recipe - chorizo, ground beef, beans, onion and garlic...mmm!)

This is "Arrow"...a dog that belongs to nobody. We think she is an angel. She just belongs to 9th Street. Everybody feeds her and loves on her and she just brings a bit of peace in a hard place. She often comes by to say "hi" while we're there.

This was a couple of weeks ago. We presented our visitors with a little challenge. An old, stale bagel, a metal folding chair - instant 9th St. ring toss. This is Jimmy trying.

Bob gave it a try and came in second only to...

Jeff who was the first to ring the bagel around the chair leg! Congratulations Jeff.

Pray for 9th Street. Pray for us and others who regularly go to 9th Street. Sometimes a listening ear, a bowl of beans or a silly game can make all the difference.

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