Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things overheard on our recent trip to L.A. to go to the Bonnie Hunt Show

To Amie at Trader Joe's: "Are you a casting director?"


While standing in line to get in to the show: "Oh, look, it's the guy who's always Adam Sandler's friend in his movies...what's his name?" (We think it actually was Allen Covert.)


Also standing in line waiting to get in: "I've moved half-way across the country and have gone through all of this, I'm so lonely all I do is drink."


Guy getting out of his car on a cell phone: "OK, you gotta tell me what you you want just like, you know, regular people or do you want 'model hot' people? Cause we can separate them and give you what you want..."


People walking by our breakfast table at Pann's: "Well, if the script calls for it then that's what you have to do..."


Bonnie Hunt
, standing 6 inches away from me, looking right at me, making eye contact: "Thanks for coming to the show!"

Me and Amie: (stunned silence)


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. The REASON you went to LA was to get on the Bonnie Hunt show?

Anonymous said...
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Chris Whitler said...

Why else would we go to LA?

Anonymous said...

(shrugs, nods, looks downward diagonally, voice already trailing off) Well...